Pioneering Simple


This marks our first post on a road to many adventures! Within the past five months, we have moved from one home to another, the packing and unpacking never seeming to end. Making plans for the future and not knowing where we will end up. We know our desires and plans to live a fulfilling life of minimalism, adventure and creativity but how do we reach that? This is what we questioned ourselves on for the past half year. Finally, great plans are unfolding before us…

February 14th (valentine’s day) marks a special day for many, but for us there is something a little extra special this day. Three years ago, David proposed to me this day and we started our journey as a married couple April 4th, 2014. Just this past Valentine’s day we made the leap of faith and bought our very FIRST HOME. Our 1976 Serro Scotty camper!

Meet, Stella! She has been remodeled by the previous owners; who did an amazing job might I add. She needed some touching up here and there, but we have finally moved in full time. Today will be our 4th night sleeping in our small (double) but very comfortable bed. I can only speak for myself when I say that it has been challenging choosing what I can keep and what must go. We can only fit the necessities in our 15 foot camper. As I am writing, however, I do not miss a thing we parted with. It is a relief to be quite frank.

As we get her geared up for our first adventure, I am so thrilled to start this new journey with my other half, to share this journey with all our friends and family and grow as a couple on our many adventures. More posts to come!


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2 thoughts on “Pioneering Simple

  1. So excited for you guys!! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us…. Can’t wait to see where this new life that is so simple but get so rich takes you.


  2. I’m so happy that your dream is becoming realized in Stella. You are such a capable young woman. Go out and get everything that’s in your heart. Can’t wait to see this adventure develop!


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