Our Small Space

Our small space is not so small after all!

Okay, actually it is only a whopping 120 sq ft!

Although it sure doesn’t seem like it. It has been almost three weeks that we have called Stella “home”. I have loved every minute of it! You know that sighing feeling you get when you open that front door, get a whiff from inside and feel completely secure? I get that feeling the minute I see her as we pull into the driveway. This tiny space feels like home.

We have had countless people (some we know very well 😉 and others not so much) who look shocked that we want to live in such tight quarters together. Most of the time we don’t bother explaining why we want this because it’s hard when minds are not so open. What do you do when you get in a fight? Don’t you need your own space? These are some of the questions we’ve received.

As David (my husband) so perfectly put it last night before we fell asleep, “If I didn’t want to live so close to you then I wouldn’t have married you”. Take a minute, let it soak in. I am so blessed to have a husband like him! We get to cook, clean, sleep, eat, and even use the bathroom together! Now talk about practically walking on top of one another. As surprising as this may sound, we love it. We truly enjoy being so close. We don’t have room to run away from a fight, we don’t get distracted by anything else. Meaning, we talk through our problems, we have more intimate conversations and we have more fun! I can honestly say that this tiny home is bringing us closer together. Just in time for our two year anniversary! April 4th, you are less than a month away!



One thought on “Our Small Space

  1. That is so nice…I’m happy for you guys…enjoy life and always remember that God is in control…love you…wania


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