How We Simplified Our Lives


Hello ya’ll! We have been asked about how we minimized our lives and to share it on our  blog. Oh boy, where do we start? We have been talking about this since last October and it was all a dream. Then, it happened so quickly! Our lives have always been so busy with work, family obligations, church, etc. Honestly, we would always stress over “stuff”. The stuff in our apartment, the stuff that wasn’t organized or the stuff just collecting dust. Slowly we started with garage sales getting rid of our “junk”. Collectibles stored in the attic (when it was cool to collect things). Not that I am against any of it! We just prefer to spend money on experiences rather than things.

You would not believe all the clothes I had to get rid of! Numerous trips to Plato’s closet and the thrift shop to donate what I would not use or what could not fit in the camper. Now all I want are the clothes I can wear everyday, a cute going out outfit, an special occasion dress and some winter clothes. The first time I went through my closet was the hardest, I did not want to “let go” of my stuff. Every time following was easier and easier and you could just watch me throwing my clothes out!

One of the hardest possessions I had to part with was one of our cars. After several discussions and visits to car dealerships, last minute we decided to sell David’s car. The Ford Fusion Hybrid I loved so much. For me it was hard to part with because we spent a long time paying off $12,000. But ultimately it is just a THING and we wanted an experience. The only way that made sense was pulling around our camper on our lovely Xterra.

Before I mentioned how this all happened at once! Let me explain… We were struggling to find a place affordable enough for a young couple just starting out. As many of you know, South Florida is expensive and finding an apartment was just not working out! I honestly felt very depressed about this and was losing hope. One day I just had a moments thought of, why don’t we buy a camper?! It’s more doable for us now than a tiny home (which we REALLY wanted)! The plans fell together so quickly and smoothly. Good thing we saved up money while we were in transition! We found our cute Stella on craigslist! The owners communicated all the time with us and I just felt it was meant to happen. We first sold the car to get extra $$ and then we got the camper on Valentines day! All at the same time David got his career started, working in the film industry! We were so excited to see a bright path in front of our eyes.

Now that plans were set, it was time to act more aggressively! We had so much decor and most of it we decided we could not fit in our camper and it was easy to get rid of. We actually sat in our friends backyard and went through all of our boxes and gave away almost everything. Kitchen supplies that weren’t necessary, old binders from school, collectibles and MORE clothes hahaha. Some things like personal letters between David and I we stored in my parents attic. You may say that it is collecting dust as well but those things I believe strongly in. I would truly enjoy showing our love to our children in the future! If you want to see some decor we did keep, find us @pioneeringsimple on IG.

Currently we are working on Baywatch in Savannah, GA. Who knows where we will go next, but I sure do hope somewhere different and I have Faith that it will be! The plan for our life is so much greater and bigger than I could have thought! I feel so blessed and I have such a positive outlook on life, than ever before! We don’t miss any of our old “things” and quite frankly I rarely think of it.


2 thoughts on “How We Simplified Our Lives

  1. Wow….that is amazing..God knows the desire of your hearts….keeping going, traveling, working , and always remember God is in control and HE is with you and David. We miss you …love and kisses…


    1. This is what life is about! Enjoying one another, traveling and enjoying all the simply beautiful blessings the world has to offer.
      I just finished remodeling my 1966 13′ Nomad that my husband bought me on Valentine’s day 2015. My first trip will be in 2 weeks to Long Key state park. My absolute favorite camping spot in the Keys.
      I live in Boynton Beach and you ever need a place to park for a night or two just message me.
      Enjoy your travels…keep the pictures coming.


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