Ichetucknee Springs

The first stop on our road trip was to Ichetucknee Springs, FL. This natural spring is in between Gainesville and Tallahassee. 12087 Southwest U.S. 27, Fort White, FL 32038

I am so glad we kicked off our trip with this stop! It was incredible to say the least! There is the standard entrance fee per vehicle of $6. We bought our mini tubes at the Dollar store (road trip on a budget) and just paid the $5 for a one way shuttle drop off for David as I waited at the entrance. You can also rent the big tubes HERE. Little did we know we were in for a big treat… One could easily spend three hours exploring and tubing down the river we later came to realize.

Photo Jun 15, 11 30 03 AM

The whole experience was exquisite, as well as cold but after a while you get used it! I certainly am not one to like cold water but I was full of excitement and I quickly forgot how cold I was after about two minutes. The cool and “scary” thing is that we could feel the grass flow beneath our bums as we made our way downstream not seeing what was in the grass and that was the scary part! Obviously we made it out alive! It was a slow and relaxing time tubing by ourselves basically the whole time. Some parts were narrow, while others were wide and vast; almost marsh looking. We stopped several times to snap pictures, but overall the trip lasts so long which is definitely worth the inexpensive cost!


I felt like this river was less noticeably touched by humans which made the experience feel even more genuine. We walked along the trails and explored the two other springs they have to offer. Along the trail we learned a lot on how to help preserve our Florida springs. They have even used #saveFLsprings on social media to raise awareness of this cause. I suggest checking out this website and giving it a read to see what you can do: http://www.floridasprings.org. Mainly, just by entering the park you are supporting their conservation processes and of course taking care of it throughout the duration of your stay! There are so many other ways as well, so take a look at the link above!





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